Why can't/how could I make bugzilla let you CC people who do not have Bugzilla accounts?

What happens if i cc someone@place.org (who doesn't want the mail)?

one, you don't have an account and two, this bugzilla isn't public :0

Why is it hard?

Bugzilla internally stores emails by id. So asking it to cc a non bugzilla account would require effort.

What happens if i cc someone@place.com accidentally?

i.e. i meant to cc someone@place.org and goofed

... The same thing that happens if I'm writing a mail and I cc them... they get e-mail? :) What happens if someone wants to rename himself to one@world.net

Does he have to fix each individual bug, including finding the bug where he's misspelled as someone@place.com?

Why do you need to do this?

this is an attempt to use bugzilla as a request tracker and I need to be able to CC random student @ my university

What happens if someone@place.org decides to get a bugzilla account?

<timely> you can easily create a bugzilla account for someone <timely> i'd suggest you just provide an easy way to do that for people who are logged in <timely> possibly transparently doing so <antarus> transparently creating an account when someone is CC'd doesn't sound too bad <antarus> and many of your points bring up interesting things that may happen <antarus> but in reality there are only going to be ~50 active accounts <antarus> Which is my staff <antarus> everyone else just get's CC'd they don't file bugs or comment really